Order Any type of Custom Apps/ Business Softwares/Official Softwares or Order Any Services Like Customization, Modification, Setup, Gateways / Any New Features on Our Existing Apps

  • Services***

    Price Negotiable. Services For Existing apps.
    • Complete Installation/Setup
    • Customizations/Modifications
    • Subscription Setup
    • Integrate Payment gateway
    • chat/Video/Voice call integration
    • Own Company Advertisments
    • Business full setup
    • Full ReadyMade
    • Integration
    • Any New Feature Development
    • Updates Time to Time
    • support 24hrs
    • *This is a Demo Price, Price is Negociable. Contact us
  • Custom Software Dev*

    Any type Custom Software / Apps(Business/Official/SAAS) etc
    • Any type of Android apps/software for Business/Officials
    • Any type of IOS Apps/Software for Business/Officials
    • Windows/Mac Software for Business/Officials
    • Enterprise Software for Business
    • *Prices will be differed with your requirements of the soft.
    • *Please contact with us, Price is Negociable and depends
    • **Price depends on the type of the software/apps
    • Contact with us