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Officiated simplifies employee management with intuitive sections for both Admins and Employees.
Track time seamlessly with automatic and manual timesheet entries, manage documents effortlessly, and monitor real-time locations

— all in one secure app platform
like your in-house software

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  • Android

  • iOS

  • Web

  • Cloud 

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Officiated revolutionizes workforce management with dedicated sections for Admins and Employees.

Employees can effortlessly track their work hours using automatic Clock-in/out or Manual timesheet entries, ensuring accurate time management across projects. They can upload documents, view their profiles, and so on

Admins enjoy comprehensive employee management tools, including inviting new hires, overseeing timesheet entries, and monitoring real-time employee locations. With robust project and document management capabilities, Officiated ensures streamlined operations and data security, making it the ultimate solution for modern businesses.

Additionally, admins can view the location & time history of the employees.


Officiated will be your own business solution, hosted on your own cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your business data remains solely with you. It will function just like your in-house software!

  • Ownership and Control: Officiated will be your own business solution, hosted on your own cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your business data remains solely with you.

  • Security and Privacy: With your data securely hosted on your cloud, you have complete control over data privacy, aligning with your in-house security protocols.

  • Seamless Integration: Officiated functions just like your in-house software, providing a familiar and efficient user experience tailored to your business needs.

  • Customization and So on

Top Features


Seamless Time Tracking
& Time History



Project and Document Management


Report Generation


Comprehensive Employee Management


Privacy and Data


Cloud Infrastructure


Real-Time Location
Monitoring & Location


Customization Options


Multi Platforms

Revolutionize Workforce Management with Officiated


Effortless time tracking, real-time location monitoring, and comprehensive document & employee management—all in one app.

Admin and Employee Sections:

  • Choosing Your Role (for Mobile apps):
    Upon login, users select either the Admin or Employee section based on their role, ensuring a tailored experience for efficient workforce management.

Employee Section:

  • Seamless Time Tracking:

    • Automatic Timesheet Entry: Employees clock in/out automatically, capturing precise location data during work hours.

    • Manual Timesheet Entry: Employees can manually add their work hours, ensuring flexibility.

    • Editing and Deleting Entries: Employees can easily manage their timesheet entries.

    • Add Notes.

    • Generate Reports.

  • Real-time Location Data Collection:

    • Location data is captured only during clocked-in mode (working hours) for accurate time & location management.

  • Document Management:

    • Employees can upload and manage project/job based documents directly from their section.

  • Profile and Location Viewing:

    • Employees can view their personal profiles and current location on Maps.

  • Project and Document Browsing:

    • Employees have access to project details and documents added by admin

Admin Section:

  • Employee Management:

    • Admins can invite new employees via email, manage profiles and passwords, and monitor timesheet entries.

    • Access a comprehensive list of employees with their current clock status, profiles, and uploaded documents.

    • View Timesheet history for each employee effectively

  • Real-time Location Tracking:

    • Track the real-time location of employees during work hours for enhanced oversight and operational efficiency.

  • Project and Document Management:

    • Admins can add, edit, and delete projects and associated documents, making project-document management seamless.

  • Advanced Features:

    • Generate Reports: Automatically calculate total working hours of Employees and generate reports for payroll

    • Location History and Routes: View detailed location history and routes for employees.

    • Receive real-time push notifications when employees clock in/out, keeping Admin updated on their activities.

  • Privacy and Security Measures:

    • Location data is only collected during work hours to respect privacy, with robust security measures protecting all sensitive data.

Hosting Model:
Cloud Infrastructure Hosting with Google

The software platform backend will be hosted on the client's own Google cloud infrastructure, ensuring all business activities remain safe and owned exclusively by your business. Data is accessible only to the client business.


Whether you choose a one-time purchase or subscription, your business data will remain in your own cloud infrastructure. As a Google Cloud partner, we recommend opening a Google Cloud account with your Gmail, and we will host the software in your cloud infrastructure.

Purchase Models:



With Subscription Fee

Rent the Full Ready-made software with a monthly subscription fee, which includes support and maintenance

We will provide the full Ready-made software, host within your google cloud infrastructure and provide support and maintenance. You will just pay a monthly subscription fee


With One-Time Purchase

Purchase the full Ready-made software outright. Optionally request support and maintenance services from us.

We will provide the full Ready-made software, host within your google cloud infrastructure. 1 Year free support and maintenance services included. You can Renew.


*For subscription-based solutions, the app name or icon cannot be changed, but we can add your company name beside the app, e.g., "Officiated for XYZ company name."

*We offer customization to add/modify/customize any new feature required by your business, providing a fully personalized app tailored to your needs.

Don't worry about anything—this will be your custom software tailored specifically for your business needs.

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